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RALPH INTELUS, Program Coordinator/Counselor


I’m the oldest of four children: three boys and one girl.  I was born on January 27, 1994 in the slum area of Port au Prince known as Cité Soleil, an area that security officials often call “the red zone.”

When I was five years old, I moved with my family to a small house in Bon-Repos. I attended a school called Lekol Baha’i Anis Zunuzi (EBAZ) in nearby Lilavois. When I was ten years old, my dad became one of the principals of the Anis Zunuzi School, and my family moved to the school grounds. Most of the best moments of my life occurred while we were living at Anis Zunuzi School. I remember playing soccer with my little brothers and friends on the soccer field there and learning about the Baha’i faith. After the earthquake in 2010, I started meeting and learning from people who came to help from the United States and Canada. I graduated from high school in 2012 and went to university when I was eighteen years old and started studying psychology at Université d’Etat d’Haiti.

On January 18, 2014, dad passed away. This devastated my family and was especially hard for me. We left the EBAZ and moved to Croix-des-Bouquets. I started working as house painter to help my mother and siblings. I also tried to work for orphanages, schools, churches, and NGOs as a translator.

This year was the first time since my father died that I felt as if I got my life back. I am in my final year of University, and as a first step toward my future career I am working as a counseling intern for Lidè. I hope to attend graduate school for psychology in Canada or France and then return to Haiti so that I can apply psychology in a way that helps the people of my nation.

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