Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery



To prepare for and respond to disasters, crisis, and other emergencies, LIDE provides Education in Emergencies (EiE) training in the effects of crisis, conflict and traumatic situations on learning and active and creative pedagogies to foster recovery and build resiliency. Our “Education for Recovery and Resiliency” has been provided to communities, schools, and organizations such as Digicel Foundation in Haiti, and RUWAAD in Jordan and Lebanon.  Education for Recovery and Resiliency contuse to be an active part of our ongoing collaborations for crisis response in Haiti and beyond.


LIDE partners with other grassroots and international NGOs as well as government agencies in order to be part of collective and coordinated response to disasters.  An example of this occurred during Hurricane Matthew when LIDE was called in to provide psychosocial support and training for FONKOZE and for teachers and administrators at 21 schools in the South of Haiti.

Safe Spaces

LIDE also responds to disasters by creating “safe-spaces” for girls that include recovery support and resiliency building through the arts as well an informal education program. This was how our programs in the South of Haiti brought support and learning back for girls ages 6 to 21 who were displaced from homes and schooling.  The Safe-Space response program then transitioned into one of our year-round programs for adolescent girls and now contuse to serve more than 100 adolescent girls.

In LIDE programs, participants engage in community mapping for identification of vulnerabilities and resources in the case of disaster, learn basic first aid and CPR, and complete activities that help to prepare them and their families for disasters.