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Linked Programs to help adolescent girls, target age range 16 – 21, meet the challenges of transitioning into adulthood.

Under the overarching Transitions Program, theme driven sessions rotate through 4 core sub-programs that address differing but interconnected aspects of transitional development:  (1) intrapersonal, (2) educational, (3) transactional, and (4) interpersonal. In this way, the combined programs address), the mind (education), the body (life-skills), the heart (community), and the soul (expressive arts).

Transitions activities maintain many of the elements of Lidè programs that are at its core (education, values-based learning, and resiliency through the arts), but tailors that content to older adolescents, increasing the emphasis on capacity building, self-efficacy, community engagement, and empowerment.


This program is supported through a grant from the Catherine Bertini Trust Fund for Girls' Education, hosted by the World Food Program