LIDÈ programs serve out-of-school and “at-risk” adolescent girls. Girls in LIDÈ discover their unique voice through creative writing, theater, photography and film. These disciplines become a gateway into an academic education as well as a means for improving literacy, leadership and critical thinking. LIDÈ activities come together in values-based themes that help adolescent girls explore the life questions that all youth face on a local and global scale.  Our program work begins with understanding the needs of a community and then training teachers to provide arts programs to adolescent girls. We then mentor these programs toward sustainability. As programs continue, they provide a safe space where LIDÈ participants find their human dignity and inner strength, gain learning and life skills, and walk a path toward resiliency, self-determination, efficacy, and leadership through service.

LIDÈ currently serves over five hundred girls with a staff of thirteen Haitian teachers at a total of 12 locations in remote, rural Haiti. 

Teacher Empowerment & Student Learning
LIDÈ empowers teachers with a tool for developing their own creative ideas into effective curriculum. This tool helps them develop values-driven activities that achieve skill-based outcomes, and cognitive and psycho-social goals.

Girls are not just learners, they are whole human beings, and the life they live outside the LIDÈ program affects who they are within the program. For this reason, LIDÈ embraces partnerships with organizations and local resources in order to build a support network for its participants.

LIDÈ Partners include…

FONKOZE, Smallholder Farmers Alliance, H.E.L.P., Mona Foundation, Bureau du Secrétaire d’Etat à l’Intégration des Personnes Handicapées (BSEIPH), Restavek Freedom Foundation, Digicel Foundation, ProDev, Center for the Arts, 2nd Story Goods, Their World, Education Cannot Wait, Coalition for Global Citizenship