Mission and Vision

LIDÈ aims to contribute to creating a world where girls have equal access to quality education, a sense of their own voices and their innate gifts, and feel empowered to use those strengths to achieve their educational goals, support one another, and to contribute positively to the betterment of their local and global communities.

LIDÈ programs reach at-risk girls ages 11 to 21*, who meet any one—although many meet nearly all—of the following criteria: (1) out of school or significantly behind in age-to-grade; (2) live in rural underserved communities where the majority of the community is considered in extreme poverty by the international standards of those terms; (3) have experienced trauma or live in chronic stress/trauma; (4) live in situations of domestic labor (in Haiti, the term used is “restavek”); (5) have or are currently suffering abuse; (6) are experiencing food insecurity or the effects of malnutrition; or (7) have a disability.

*in some cases older if still enrolled in secondary school